We transport goods in complete and fractioned loads under controlled temperatures using refrigerated articulated trailers.

Muellede carga, logístca para Europa

Spring of cargo, logistics for Europe


Possessing wide-ranging knowledge of the sector allows us to provide tailor-made solutions in the transport of perishable and frozen goods. Our clients classify us as their most efficient collaborators.

Our more than twenty years of experience endorse us as specialists in the transport of citrus and all other classes of fruits and vegetables, together with all forms of frozen goods.

Thanks to our organisational system and large vehicle fleet, we can offer you immediate availability and global services anywhere within Europe, even during the most conflictive times of the year, such as the summer months.

Flota Eurotransfret para transporte Europeo por carretera

Fleet Eurotransfret for European transport and national road


We will load whenever, wherever and however you wish. Our professional are at your entire disposal at all times and they will undertake to provide you with the very best quality of service and attention.

Furthermore, at our company, we guarantee that your goods will travel under optimum conditions by means of our vehicle fleet fitted with cutting-edge resources and technology for efficient adaptation to our clients’ needs in a customised manner.


For which we can offer:

  • Refrigerated and general goods transport
  • Hazardous goods transport
  • Safety adviser
  • 24-hour telephone assistance, 365 days a year.
  • Web portal for transport tracking
  • A fleet of 150 vehicles
  • Double-floor articulated trailers
  • Two-temperature articulated trailers
  • Our own mechanical workshops
  • Four-hour loading anywhere in Europe
  • Service provision throughout the entire year – Two drivers
  • Customised service


Main areas of activity

Paises principales cargas europeas

Countries main loads European



Pricing policy

Fuel prices can vary considerably throughout the year and so the quotes for service provisions will also oscillate because fuel represents a significant percentage of costs. This is why annual pricing is reviewed every three months: any fuel price variation (increase or decrease) exceeding 10% will involve a pricing modification. Pricing adjustment caused by fuel price fluctuations will only be applied to the part corresponding to fuel and not to all the tariff.

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Europa transportes, nuestras sedes

Europe transport, our headquarters


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Transporte internacional por carretera Francia y Europa

Transporte internacional por carretera Francia y Europa