At Ttes. Int. Eurotransfret, we are banking on providing our vehicle fleet with cutting-edge technology engines. In this way, we will be complying with the highest European standards in environmental protection matters.


Distribución de mercancía cargas y paquetería, refirgerados y congelados.

Distribution of goods loads and parcel, refirgerados and frozen.


Sustainable vehicles

Being committed to environmental care and sustainability, we have established a constant renovation policy for our lorries in order to guarantee that they are fitted with the very latest advances in sustainability matters. Thus, the most advanced technology enables us to moderate the gas emission impact per kilometre covered down to levels that exceed European regulation demands in environmental matters.

Unlimited logistic. Logística ilimitada






Moreover, our articulated refrigerated trailers incorporate electric motors, the contaminating emissions of which are significantly reduced during prolonged stoppages.


Responsibility social corporate



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